Ranged Combat Balance Changes!

Ranged combat has been rebalanced! Players should notice the following changes in particular:

  1. Ranged weapons of different types should have similar dpr potential now. There are still pros and cons to different weapons, but no one weapon type should any longer be the single be-all-end-all of ranged combat.
  2. Players wielding projectile weapons should no longer be unrealistically reliant on a high str score to deal damage. While this will still be true of other thrown weapons, users of bows and slings will rely more on their agility gross motor control and followthrough to get the most from their shots, while users of thundersticks and crossbows will rely on their mechanical intuition and cunning (intelligence) to get the most kick from their devices, rather than pulling their triggers really, really hard (expect stat yields from relevant secondary and tert guilds to be updated accordingly).
  3. Stats have been compartmentalized. Players seeking to improve their accuracy should look more exclusively for enhancements to dexterity, those seeking to improve their chances of critical hits should look more exclusively for enhancements to perception, etc. Damage from critical hits will still use a mixture of both, however.
  4. The effects of size are now capped together with those of other stats when determining damage, rather than separately. Thus, an atomy might now potentially compete with a titan for ranged damage output (although they'll need much higher stats to do it).
  5. A mob cheat, which allows npcs to do more ranged damage than players, was being incorrectly applied to pets. This has been fixed. Pets will no longer have a huge damage advantage over players when performing ranged combat.
  6. The rapid shot skill is now offline (bows will be competitive without it). Discussion is in progress with ranger leadership for a suitable replacement for this skill.