Chock Full of News

First off my apologies for the long break in updates! I came down with a nasty case of the flu before I could get access shared with other staff members so no one was able to update while I was out.

A lot has happened so let's just review some highlights.

Updated Party Command

It's been in for a while now but hopefully everyone enjoys the updated party commands that show players with maximum length names correctly. Rita has more in store for you guys so be ready for some more innovation to make the party commands even better for you!

Remort Reinc Bug Finally Fixed

I took a few minutes near the end of April to dive into the reinc code to see why previous code attempts to move reincarnating remortals into the right creation room failed. Long story short - it only helps to check if you're a remortal if you do so BEFORE all of your data is wiped away for the reincarnation...oops!

Then We Shall Giggle in the Shade

Retro is special because of the community and part of that is the passing along of inside jokes. A certain person with a very large posterior has returned to his rightful place blocking out the sun on Welstar every so often and we welcome him back.

Are there more pieces of Retro history that got removed and you thought it was outrageous? Let us know with a bug report!

No Really, My Eyes Are Smaller than my Stomach

Titans and other big boned races have struggled long enough to obtain the sustenance they need. Thank to Kereth the pubs and shops will now offer titanic sized portions for titanic sized stomachs. Order away!

Did I Wear That?

Nope - sorry - you can't wear gear threaded to someone else anymore. We're not exactly sure when that started to be a thing but needless to say - definitely a bug.

Channel THIS

Yes - channeler is still underway. You can blame me for getting sick and holding up my part of the bargain. More on the features for channeler and secondaries later.