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Channeler Preview and Rods

Kellin @ 27 Apr 2016

Channeler Preview

The channeler preview is now available for consumption. I debated releasing it in this state as I folded in the commentary from abjurer leadership, however I think it’s worthwhile to get player input now as there are some fairly large opened ended questions that I think players would enjoy hashing out and helping the staff flesh out.

There are some caveats and they are on the design page, however, these are the biggest design questions to date:

Now - what you really want is to see the channeler preview.

Request document access and include your character name if you want to comment directly on the page or send your ideas in to me via mudmail.

Juggernaut Rods

We had a discussion on the public channels about the inbound changes to the Juggernaut rods. It appears there has been some hot and heavy talk among players who were not online for that discussion so let’s clear the air a bit.

Hopefully this clarifies - the staff is still working on the gold cost piece and we have a mostly working data model for the sacrifices to power the rod using equipment. Expect this change to be announced by mid-May at the latest.

If you have more questions or suggestions - please mudmail me.