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Channeler Themes

Primary Guild

The world is filled with spirits - all things living and inanimate are connected in some way to a realm just beyond sight. The master channeler has gained the ability to see and communicate with these spirit beings in addition to learning ways to bend their will. This unique connection to the unseen realm gives the channeler a host of new abilities in addition to the capability of crossing the barrier between worlds.

The Secondaries

The channeler soon learns there is a basic taxonomy to the spirits and will become more adept with controlling one type versus another. The currently known subsets of spirits may be classified as spirits of the natural world, spirits of rot and withering, or trickster spirits.

The natural spirits are those associated with any river, forest, a specific tree, ancient mountains, birds of the sky, or even creatures as small as the insects buzzing on a summer afternoon. The natural spirits exist in perfect harmony with the spirits of rot and withering; these two classes of spirits represent two sides of nature. It must be understood that rot and withering in the spiritual realm is a necessary and neutral act. The destruction wrought upon the living enables renewal, rebirth, and the emergence of new life.

Trickster spirits are often associated with the Unseelie Court, however, it is more appropriate to think of them as harmless pranksters and purveyors of general tomfoolery. There is no delight greater to a trickster spirit than the confused face of their unsuspecting mortal playmates.

The Tertiaries

The more attuned a channeler becomes with the spiritual world the more its power may be drawn upon. The basis of this power may increase the wrath inflicted by the spirits, increase their protective power, or strengthen the bond between channeler and spirit.

Nice story, But what's that mean to me?

Primary Guild

The primary role of a channeler is protection for teammates as well as a blend of added damage or forms of control.

The mainstay of protection, of course, is elemental and the channeler will manage their elemental protections in a new way.

spell: attune the spirits

The channeler attunes with the local spirits and alters their natural vibrations to align with a target party member.

This is related to a range of passive skills for the channeler each of which unlocks a higher percentage of total resistance beginning with the equivalent of lesser resistance up to the equivalent of major resistance. This means that at guild level 20 a channeler may grant up to 50% resistance to any element.

Here are a few samples of syntax:

invoke attune the spirits at
    <target> with <lesser|greater> <damagetype>[,<damagetype>,...]
    [and <lesser|greater> <damagetype>[,<damagetype>,...]

invoke attune the spirits at kellin with greater asphyxiation

invoke attune the spirits at kereth with lesser asphyxiation,electrical

invoke attune the spirits at rita,wxyz with lesser electrical
    and greater physical

This might be cumbersome for the master channeler, so they may use an alternate syntax such as this:

invoke attune the spirits to add alias <myalias>

invoke attune the spirits to change <myalias>
    <add|remove> <lesser|greater> <damagetype>[,<damagetype>,...]

invoke attune the spirits to show alias

invoke attune the spirits to copy <myalias> to <newalias>

invoke attune the spirits at <target> using <myalias>

invoke attune the spirits to target <myalias> at

invoke attune the spirits using <myalias>

spell: spirit sense

The spirits envelope a target enemy and return to the caster divulging its secret connections to the spiritual world. (This operates the same as the current abjurer guild champion power. New champion power to be announced later.)

The Secondaries

Each secondary has a specific flavor, however, in general all spirits provide a few basic abilities. One of these is an ability that increases the percentage resist granted by both the lesser and greater spirit control passive skills. Here are some sneak peeks at two of the shared abilities among the secondaries.

spell: ryoko no rei (spirits of travel)

The caster and allies hitch a ride with spirits travelling through the room and pass through the spirit dimension to an adjacent location or to one the caster has memorized on the same world.

spell: kami no kesshin (spirit of determination)

The caster assigns a group of spirits to watch over the party and, should any member encounter a field spell blocking their way, destroy that field spell. The spirits will return to the realm behind the veil once this effect is triggered.

The Tertiaries

The basic paths of power are threefold:

  • Improve Damage Output
  • Reduce resistance cost and increase the cap value
  • Increase the benefits from the channeler spirit companion

The nature of the spirit companion is still under heavy discussion, however, at this point in time it should be noted that unless discussions change it will be a non-combat pet.

The resistance tert does not simply take the resistance up to the current cap, rather, it will allow a fully pathed channeler to EXCEED the current resistance caps thus making the channeler THE person you want on that difficult fight.

What's that RP Post All About?

The abjurer guild is not going away - stay tuned to the roleplay news group for more about what happens to Mikashu.