Not Enough Throwing

We've been working our way through ranged combat and one thing keeps coming back up over and over again. What in the world can you throw?

Current Throwing

Throwing is unique. Most ranged combat weapons derive their effective weapon class from the weapon. Ammunition provides effects or is enchanted to add elemental damage. The weapons may also provide a bonus to various stats.

Throwing turns this idea on its head and uses the weapon class of the ammunition. It makes sense logically since the player is technically the weapon for throwing. Throwing is pretty cool thematically; who hasn't had the daydream of being a ninja throwing shuriken or the dapper illusionist who throws a playing card or smoke bomb?

Sound Logic, Cool Theme, Weird Outcome

Throwing suffers because of its unique method for deriving weapon class. Dealing great damage at higher levels requires a strong weapon class value on your weapon of choice. The only throwing items that I know of in the game are throwing axes, harpoons, and the deck of playing cards from the illusionist secondary guild. A few others may exist, but the core issue with throwing should be pretty obvious.

Limited options and a typically low weapon class combine to make throwing less viable at the higher level. I'm an avid roleplayer, however, there's a pragmatic choice to make when trying to create a character that is fun to roleplay and mechanically sound. The staff is looking to make throwing more viable and help it live up to the roleplay hype.

Throwing Ideas at the Wall

The staff is working hard on the mechanical side. The playerbase can help us with brainstorming ideas for more throwing weapons. We are especially lacking in medium and large thrown weapon ideas. Do you have a great idea for items that fit into these categories? Do you have a suggestion that you think would help make throwing more viable mechanically?

Our discussions around throwing are still in the conceptual stages. Now is the time to send in your thoughts! We consider all well reasoned ideas and, even if we don't implement exactly as suggested, the more we have on the drawing board the better the final outcome. Send your concepts in via IDEA or drop a mudmail to Rita, Kereth, and Kellin in game.