Web Services Updates

RetroEQ Update

It took a couple weeks but the port of RetroEQ is finally starting to take shape. The first step, which is a whole lot more work than it sounded when I first put it on my todo list, is to get a system where users can sign up in addition to the normal login and logout.

The next piece is reviewing the database structure itself and working out any migration headaches that might exist. I know the burning question is always "how long until X is done"! The honest answer is - it's going to be sometime in the fall at the very earliest that a beta release will be posted for everyone to take a look and kick the tires.

Website Updates

Yup - a few of those stupid placeholder pages have been banished to the frigid wastelands. The overall site is on my radar as I have come to realize by looking at the logs that most of you are using the "old" website and are not visiting our new site.

What do you want out of the website? What kinds of things would be most useful? Send in ideas in-game and I'll read over them as I start the storyboarding process for the site update.

E-Mail Services

The long promised E-Mail Services upgrade is coming as soon as this coming weekend. If you get a strange "bounce" message on a donation e-mail do not worry - just send again a few hours later it means I am still rebooting the mail server.

Server Upgrade Scheduling

Our wonderful hosting site has once again bestowed us with some free upgrades that will help speed up the systems. I'm pretty excited about it as I am seeing a HUGE speed increase on my test node. For the tech geeks among us - it's a switch from the Xen stack to KVM based virtualization.

Exact dates and times to be posted in a couple weeks - but this is great news for us folks. The new host has been a pleasure to work with and has responded within 10 minutes for the few tickets I've had to submit.