Game Server Upgrade

This morning I took the mud offline per my news post to do a full backup and migration. The full backup took about 30 minutes and the migration to new hardware is in full swing.

The migration looks like it will take about 30 minutes on its own so expect the game to be up around 8:30am US Eastern.

This post will be updated as the migration progresses.

Update 1 @ 8:38am US Eastern

The migration is about 45% complete with an average copy speed of 10MB/s. For reference - when we did some movement in the other nodes a few months ago with the systems already on the new hardware the speed was roughly 100 MB/s. It will be so nice when we're fully upgraded across all machines.

Update 2 @ 9:07am US Eastern

We are on the last of the file systems to migrate to the new storage media. The job queue says we are at 81% but that does not include the node-sizing which has to be manually queued after this is completed.

Update 3 @ 9:36am US Eastern

The migration is complete. The node-sizing, which is essentially the same operation as the first migration, took 7 minutes total versus the migration from the old system which took 1 hour and 22 minutes.

We are now on solid state drives across all nodes in our network. Hooray! The net effect from measurement is improved disk io of rough 10-12x speed.

Thanks for your patience today and have fun!