Artistic Direction

We're marching forward on the new website and at some point it's going to become necessary to hire an artist.

Retro is our Style

We want to leverage our retro cool nature and our obviously retro name. I threw out the image below as a comp for our artistic direction and got the green light from Talien to move forward with it.

Style Comp

Artist Search: Engage

The style we are looking for is retro gaming flair with a slightly more modern, saturated look. Do you have a favorite artist who takes design projects? The only thing that I require is the ability to review early sketches to be sure we're on the same page and ensure we don't end up with an army of necromantic tortles or other anti-thematic sillyness.

The actual work probably won't start for another few months until the conceptual data design is complete, however, it's always a good time to start developing the professional relationship. Leonia has already sent me a few portfolios of potential candidates and I'm looking for more!

Send your candidates in via mudmail; preference given to candidates who are responsive and have the ability to demonstrate their style through a portfolio.